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Jan 11, 2013 10:00pm PST
was good. it was a fun night for me to have him be sworn in as the president of the united states and i'm saying to myself, my god, i never thought anything like this would happen. i'm so proud. i never told him this. i'm just so proud of him because i don't care who he is. if an african-american can be president of the united states, that is fun man. so i was privileged to be on air force one. >> gavin: you forgot the best part of the story when he leans over to you and said, i'm here in no small part because of how you handled yourself. >> i don't know what it was, but he lengthen over and he says, i got you. this is before we went down the stairs. what you're talking about. we were on--oh, i looked at the phones and things up there. one of the pilots from the staff said can you come up look around upstairs? i said no, no, i had heard that they had missiles around there. i might hit something that makes everything go off no, i don't want to go up there. upstairs you have an upstairs on air force one. i said no, i don't think i want to do that, sir. but any way he says, i think it's
Jan 25, 2013 10:00pm PST
with one uniteing quality, innovation. >> what are you wearing? what's on your head? >> the google glass. it's a little project i've been looking at. it's one of the main focuses now that i shift doing more r & d. the idea is you want to be free to experience the world without fussing with a phone. you may not have noticed but i took a picture of you and you're making eye contact with me. if i whipped out the phone, it would be very different. >> how do i know you're not making that up? i literally can see the image that you photographed? does it reflect on--let's take a look. what is it? do you have to push anything? what did you do to make that work? >> i'm operating it backwards. it's not something--don't touch the pad on the side. >> gavin: there it is. >> that's somebody's finger, let me push the money. >> gavin: that's me, and you zoom right in. amazing. so this is something you guys have been working on at google for how long? >> this has been, you know, two or three years now but i've been much more involved just in the past year. >> gavin: and where did it come from? is th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2